A river in between

Format: HDTV

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with around 4 mio inhabitants. Formally belonging to Yugoslavia, it suffered the most fighting, refugees and civilian casualties in the Yugoslavian wars. It was since centuries widely mixed through its position between the Osman empire and Austria-Hungary. With the end of the Bosnian war (’92-’95) it was divided into two entities. These are the Republika Srbska (RS) and the Federation of BiH (FBiH). There is also the Brcko District existing. BiH has three big ethnic groups, the Bosniaks, the Serbs and the Croats, each represented with an own president. The ethnic groups are still living mostly divided. The Serbs in the RS and the Bosniaks and Croats in the FBiH. The Brcko District is mostly mixed, but also much smaller than the two other entities which have 49% RS and 50% FBiH of BiH territory. The Political parties are also mostly ethnic related, like the TV and Newspapers, which often belong to party members. To all of this comes a huge corruption which have its roots sometimes even from the war.

BiH has one of Europe’s highest unemployment and lowest income rates. Through a political crisis in 2010 and the general party separation in the parliament, development came to a slow progress.
Through the huge unemployment, low income and an unstable political situation, BiH is facing the problem of more and more emigration, particularly in the high educated sector. On the other hand the EU, UN and former Yugoslavian States are trying to return war refugees into their old living spaces. These two Issues are showing a negative and positive side in development and the future of this country. The movie will be based on these Issues told by personal fates through those the viewer will get involved in the current situation in BiH.