a vast experience

Format: HDTV
Fertigstellung: Nov. 2013
Länge: 2:13min
Für: werkstatttraum e.V. (www.werkstatttraum.com)

In 2011, behind the doors of an old Berlin House the Werkstatttraum e.V. also known as ttt was founded by a handful of artists/enthusiasts who shared a similar dream about creating a stimulating environment for artists to thrive in.

Werkstatttraum e.V. an Art /Culture Organisation provides workspaces for up to 15 artists. It is an independent, self-sustaining space that is supported by the members of the group.

TTT, also invites the public to events such as an Open Air Cinema, the Platttform (A Plattform for lectures in a variety of topics), bike workshops and the summerfest, an open doors event where visitors can have a look inside the Atelier.

We are proud now after nearly four years of amazing events and artists. All of us gained so much knowledge in many areas since we started ttt. It has been a beautiful experience to grow as artists and people. We look forward to many more years of inspiring work.

Our in house filmmaker Patrick Mikulski, created a short documenting all that we have accomplished. What it was, what we did and who we are in a webshort that lets you watch one heartbeat into the ttt.